[What Kind of Guild Are We?]

Solidarity could be described as a laid-back guild. Aside from being friendly, there is no ingame requirement such as minimum level, participation in raids or instances.
We currently have dedicated nights for specific events. (See the calendar).
The officers are the admin of the guild and members who have offered to help with the guild, whether ingame or with the managing of the website and forum. Although officers also play the game for their own entertainment, they will gladly help members with their quests or instances, answer questions in guild chat, take leadership roles in instances.

What you'll uncover here is a relaxed gaming environment for the mature player. We are a dedicated group who are content with enjoying our games rather than making a fuss out of big organizations and hierarchies. Outside of gaming, our purpose is to provide a meeting ground for like-minded players. Other than that, we try to keep things as simple as possible: no punks, no cheats, no BS. Inside you'll run into a group of neighborly folks who are always happy to see new friendly faces.

The majority of LMG are older players, with a few younger ones scattered throughout as well. Our guild structure is pretty simple. We have 4 administrators, who over see the daily functions of the guild and site. At the moment, our only active division is World of Warcraft, but we also hold ties with Starcraft/Broodwar, Diablo II, Warcraft III, Guild Wars and Counterstrike. You will find bellow the list of our officers and admin's who can help you getting orientated with the guild.