[The History of LikeMindedGamers & Solidarity pt. 2]

By the fall of 2004, there was clearly a drop of interest in the older games, people were playing newer games and monitoring the coming of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars with increased interest.
The release of WoW was a revival for many members. As one of the first horde guilds on the Silvermoon server, we had a huge input of new members. We also decided to support Guild Wars and Counterstrike:Source but everyone seemed to prefer WoW and neither lasted as long as we would have liked.

One of the problems with LMG has been: how to balance between what individuals perceive what a guild should be and what those in a guild are willing to do to make it function. Communication over the internet isn't always easy and a lot of what happened to us can be related to miscommunications and/or how each individual might interpret the actions of others. It's difficult to explain objectively how things stopped going smoothly, basically it came down to the guild being pulled in two different directions as disagreements amongst the leadership carried forth. Regrettably, this resulted in two harsh incidents with the end result being what you see today.