[The History of LikeMindedGamers & Solidarity]

It would be nice if we could present Like Minded Gamers – Solidarity history as a flawless success story. However, in our almost 4 years of existence, we've gone through some difficulties and conflicts.

Our founders came together from a community after the gaming guild they left behind failed to meet their idea of a fun experience. In February 2003, a domain name and a web host were purchased and a new gaming guild was created as Like Minded Gamers (LMG).

LMG's roots are with Starcraft/Broodwar, Diablo 2 LOD and Warcraft 3. Our numbers grew and things ran pretty smoothly. Despite that these were not the newest games on the market, our battlenet channel was usually gathering between 5 and 15 players of all 3 games. Cool events of this era we were involved with are « Knights of LMG » or « BW reviews » nights.