[Guild Rules]

1. If you are applying for membership, post in the new members section of the forum on your intent with LMG, using the form provided there. Introduce yourself; tell us a bit about yourself and the games you play.

2. No profanity or vulgar posts on the forum (We are mostly older players but we do have some young ones in our midst as well).

3. Rude behavior towards others will not be tolerated. We expect everyone to treat people how you would want to be treated. With respect and kindness!

4. A recruitment phase of 1 month is mandatory. Simply game when you can, play with as many members as possible. The recruitment phase is in place to give all the chance to get to know one another and find out if we are the place for you.

5. If our association proves satisfactory, we would anticipate that your focus remains with LMG for the games that we support.

6. LikeMindedGamers does not support the use of any type of hacks or cheats. This includes any hacked items in Diablo2 or channel bots. If Blizzard or BattleNet does not authorize its use, then it doesn't belong here at LMG. However, WoW mods approved by Blizzard are allowed.

7. Ninja-looting, "griefing" and other such behaviour is unacceptable and can result in your dismissal from LMG.