[Guild Bank Toons]

Lmgadmin :
- Guild master and main administrator of the bank.
- Any items you wish to donate to the bank can be sent via in-game mail to Lmgadmin (It is easier to keep track of incoming items if they are funneled through one source.)
- If you would like to buy an item or have a request for a loan, send an in-game letter to Lmgadmin
- Please do not make requests through guild chat or "tells" unless the bank officers are log on the bank toons. We check on the bank toons about once a week, so a friendly tell or in game letter to helicea or Morbidwrath is ok to prompt us to check the bank toons sooner.
- Items will be send COD at vendors buyout prices.

- If you are trying to level your skills in leather working, tailoring, you can send bags to Lmgadmin. Bigger bags will be sent to Baggagelmg for members in need of bags.
- Members can send their smaller bags in exchange for a bigger one.
- Members can buy bags from Baggagelmg at vendor buyout price.