[Guild Bank]

LikeMindedGamers offers <Solidarity> members the oportunity to benefit from an ingame bank system. The system is based on member donation of items as well as the every now and then « Guild loot run ». Over the times, it has allowed us to accumulate a good amount of gold. Thus, the bank enable guild members to take out loans from LMG in order to pay for mounts and crucial gear upgrades without having to wait extended periods of time, gathering resources to sell for money. The bank also sell items at vendors buyout price, so it's pretty cheap to obtain great stuff.
Members are under no obligation to send items to the bank, however it is much appreciated. We suggest that from time to time, instead of vendoring an item or instead of putting it to the AH, to send it to the bank. If you see a GLR getting organized, join the party (more explanations on GLR will follow).

The bank is composed of several toons. Consult the roster to see what items are available.

[Guild Bank Toons]