[Guild Loot Runs]


GLR's (guild loot runs) are LikeMindedGamers way of raising funds for our bank. A GLR is a run lead by an officer with the help of members. We run through an instance of compatible level for the group. The officer will be the "Master Looter" - if that person's bags get full, there will be a Secondary Looter designated. The instance will be run as normal, the only exception being that any uncommon items that drop and are not needed by anyone will be collected by the Master Looter. Any BoP items that aren't needed also go to officer to sell (and money sent to the bank). Other things like silk, runecloths, patterns, recipes, etc can also be sent to the bank if people on the run don't want them. That's it.

The main purpose of GLR's is to bolster the guild bank. We all know that the bank benefits everyone here, so of course GLR's will also end up helping everyone. On top of that, GLR's are an excellent training ground for characters to get used to big raid groups and instances - not to mention any items that are 'needed', you can roll on, so by participating you can pick up some really nice loot along the way.